Our Story

Helia Organics™, is a premium hemp based brand founded by Ben Chapman. Helia Organics™ develops, designs, and markets high quality hemp products designed to tailor to the Cannabidiol health and wellness industry. We are able to accomplish our high quality hemp product by conducting stringent testing and implementing quality controls through the entire process. All our products are made with the highest quality Cannabidiol, which is extracted through a supercritical CO2 process from medicinal grade hemp grown in the USA. This insures that the end product is as clean as possible and doesn’t use any harsh or harmful chemicals, like ethanol, in the extraction process.

Mission Statement

Helia Organics™ is a mission driven company dedicated in creating high quality products which better the lives of our customers. Our ethos is to promote a natural lifestyle balance by supplementing with the added benefits of Cannabidiol to achieve overall health benefits.

Founder Ben Chapman

I wanted to create a high quality Cannabidiol based company because of the transformations I experienced firsthand in the lives of my loved ones. I’ve been researching Cannabinoids and the positive effect they have on the human body extensively for over five years. I’ve researched what’s theoretically possible and experienced what’s physically possible, when taking high quality broad spectrum CBD Oil, and now I want to help others by disseminating truthful useful information and by creating the best products I can. I come from a family business, which focuses on quality and integrity and doing right by the customer. In Helia’s case, our initial customers were our family members, looking for relief from a wide variety of ailments ranging from sleep disorders to battling serious illnesses. Helia Organics is about helping those closest to us and caring for our customers like our own family. I think this is a very exciting time for Hemp and believe we are just at the beginning of the cannabinoid based healing future. I welcome you to explore our articles and ask any questions you might have.


We love partnering with non-profits and other organizations who share in our ethos. For those suffering from debilitating illnesses and want more information, we invite you to contact us directly to learn more.

The Helia brand was created with the heart, and we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to access the best Cannabidiol on the market. We shipped our first HeliaBox in 2017, and we look forward to introducing new fun and engaging products in the near future.

Helia Organics was created in San Diego CA, with operations in the United Kingdom.

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